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Vicia faba (broad bean)


Vicia faba is commonly known as fava or faba bean, broad bean, field bean, bell bean, or horse bean. The latter names (field, bell, and horse bean) typically refer to smaller-seeded varieties that are usually used for animal fodder -- though can also be used for human consumption. The plant grows well in cool conditions (is in the "cool-season" rather than the "bean" group, despite its common names), so is often used as a winter or spring crop, and may (in suitable areas) be used in a single-season rotation with grains or other crops. Most production of faba bean is in Europe, the Near East, and China, with more limited production in Canada, Ethiopia, and Australia.

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NCBI taxon3906
GRIN taxon300661

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Genome Summary

Chromosomes2n = 12


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Díaz-Ruiz R, Torres AM, Satovic Z, Gutierrez MV, Cubero JI, Román B. Validation of QTLs for Orobanche crenata resistance in faba bean (Vicia faba L.) across environments and generations. Theor Appl Genet. 2010 Mar;120(5):909-19.